Freshly-ground fairly-traded organic Colombian Coffee

Regular (a black coffee made with real espresso and hot water, served with cold milk in a jug); cream or hot milk 20p extra £2.20

Double-strength regular £2.60

Espresso (a short, strong black coffee topped with a golden ‘crema’) £2.00

Double espresso £2.30

Cappuccino (an espresso topped with steamed and foamed milk with real chocolate sprinkles) £2.40

Large cappuccino £2.70

Flat white £2.60

Caffe latte (a long, mild, milky coffee made with an espresso and steamed milk) £2.40

Skinny latte (a caffe latte made with skimmed milk) £2.40

Vanilla caffe latte £2.70

Mocha (a latte made with espresso and chocolate) £2.70 (with whipped cream 30p extra)

Iced vanilla caffe latte £2.50

Bambinoccino (a child’s cappuccino with chocolate sprinkles and marshmallows but no coffee) £0.80


Leaf Tea (pot for 1)

Berry’s English Breakfast (an African, Indian and Sri Lankan blend) £2.10

Berry’s Kenya Blend (a strong everyday tea) £2.10

Berry’s Afternoon Blend (a unique and smoky blend of teas from China, Taiwan, India and Sri Lanka) £2.10

Darjeeling Best (the champagne of teas, grown in the foothills of the Himalayas; traditionally served weak) £2.10

Earl Grey (a black, China tea flavoured with oil of bergamot) £2.10

Chun Mee (a green tea from China) £2.10

Decaffeinated Ceylon £2.10

Camomile flower infusion £2.10

Pure peppermint infusion £2.10


Hot spicy berry (a blackcurrant-based cordial) £1.80

French hot chocolate £2.40

French hot chocolate with whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles and marshmallows £3.00

Spanish-style hot chocolate (thick and sweet) with a chocolate biscuit £2.70

Irish coffee (with cream and whisky) £3.70

French coffee (with cream and brandy) £3.70

Caribbean coffee (with cream and rum £3.70


Cold Drinks

Elderflower pressé £2.10

Orange juice £2.00

Locally-pressed apple juice (Cox’s orange pippin) £2.20

Home-made lemonade £2.20

Traditional ginger beer £2.10

Curiosity cola £2.10

Sparkling or still Wenlock spring water £1.80

Shropshire farm milk £1.20

Milk shake, made from Cheshire ice-cream and Shropshire farm milk: vanilla, fresh banana, chocolate or mocha £3.00 (£2.20 for child’s size)

Strawberry floater – strawberries whizzed up in Shropshire farm milk with a scoop of Cheshire strawberry ice cream £3.00

Iced vanilla caffe latte £2.50


Alcoholic Drinks

Border kir – Hereford blackcurrant cassis with Wroxeter white wine (125ml) £3.50

Tanner’s amontillado sherry (medium) (70ml) £3.50

Hereford gin (50ml) and tonic £5.00

Hot mulled wine (175ml) (cold weather only!)) £3.50


House Wines: 175ml glass £4.00*   Bottle £14.50


Wroxeter Noble Roman (Shropshire: medium dry) (11.5%)

Tierra de Luna Chardonnay/Torrontes (Argentina: dry and crisp) (13.0%)

Rowland’s Brook Pinot Grigio (Australia: crisp, grapey and refreshing) (12.0%)


Angel’s Flight White Zinfandel (California: light, with juicy sweetness) (10.0%)

Amanti del Vino Pinot Grigio Rosato (Italy: juicy and fresh) (12.0%)


Paparuda Cabernet Sauvignon (Romania: light and fruity) (13.5%)

Pampas del Sur Malbec/Shiraz (Argentina: medium-bodied) (13.0%)


Tanner’s Cava – £16.00


Shropshire Lad beer (500ml) (5.0%) £4.00

Shropshire Lass beer (500ml) (4.1%) £4.00

Peroni Nastro Azzurro (500ml) (5.0%) £3.00

Dunkerton’s organic cider (330ml) (6.5%) £3.00


Chateau de Montifaud cognac (50ml) (50ml) £5.00

Tanner’s Peaty Creag whisky (50ml) £5.00


(*: 125ml glass is available for £3.00)