Children’s Menu

(to age 12)

We can serve most of our main menu items as children’s portions. Please ask.


Baked beans on toast £2.80

Fish cake (when available) with vegetables or
baked beans £5.00

Wenlock Edge pork sausage with potatoes and
vegetables or baked beans £4.50

Small sandwich with salad garnish and
Tyrrell’s crisps £2.50£3.50

One scoop of Cheshire ice cream (vanilla,
strawberry or chocolate) or blackcurrant sorbet £1.60

Half-size brownie or flapjack with a scoop of vanilla
ice cream £2.50

Apple or banana £1.00

Small slice of cake £1.50

Half-size brownie or flapjack £1.20

Small apple juice £1.50

Small glass of Shropshire farm milk £0.90

Milkshake – vanilla, banana, chocolate or mocha £2.50

Bambinoccino (a child’s cappuccino with chocolate
sprinkles and marshmallows but no coffee) £1.00