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As an aperitif:

Border kir – Hereford blackcurrant cassis and Wroxeter white wine (125ml) £3.50

Tanner’s amontillado sherry (medium) (70ml) £3.50

Hereford gin (50ml) and tonic £5.00


Bowl of soup of the day with Stretton white or multigrain brown bread and Shropshire farm butter £5.00

Bowl of soup with a cheese scone and Shropshire farm butter £6.00

Bowl of soup with a cheese scone, Shropshire farm butter, Calon Wen organic cheddar cheese and hand-made chutney £7.00


Feta-stuffed green olives, sun-dried tomatoes and Tyrrell’s crisps £4.50


Berry’s Salads (a selection of home-made salads served with Stretton bread and Shropshire farm butter):

Locally oak-smoked salmon with Berry’s dill sauce £9.00

Today’s savoury tart (vegetarian) £8.80

Farm-baked local ham with coarse-grain apple-mint mustard £8.50

Home-made hummus, sun-dried tomatoes and feta-stuffed olives £8.00


Bowl of today’s salads with Stretton bread and Shropshire farm butter £5.00


Welsh Rarebit (made with Shropshire Lad beer) with a selection of home-made salads £8.20

Shropshire Rarebit (with farm-cured ham) with a selection of home-made salads £8.70

Organic baked beans on toast £4.00

Ploughman’s: Calon Wen organic cheddar cheese and a slice of farm-cured ham with hand-made chutney, salad and Stretton bread £8.70


Berry’s Sandwiches (with salad garnish and Tyrrell’s crisps):

Oak-smoked salmon (with Berry’s dill sauce served separately) £6.00

Farm-baked local ham (with coarse-grain apple-mint mustard served separately) £5.00

Home-made hummus and sun-dried tomato £4.30

Organic Calon Wen cheddar cheese (with hand-made sweet tomato chutney served separately) £4.70

Egg mayonnaise £3.50

Farm-cured ham and organic cheddar cheese toasted sandwich £6.00